Rosetta Water Treatment Works

Nsezi Water Treatment Works
May 9, 2022

Building the Rosetta Water Treatment Works

In 2002 Umgeni Water investigated the construction of a water treatment plant to feed off the Spring Grove Dam in Rosetta, KwaZulu-Natal. In 2007, the dam construction was completed and the pipe reticulation phase began. This piping was to feed raw water from Spring Grove Dam to the catchment area of Midmar Dam. Thus, the level of Midmar Dam could be regulated with water being pumped from Spring Grove Dam.

The overall project included a raw water pumpstation at Rosetta, a 20 Mℓ/d water treatment works, a 5 Mℓ reservoir in Nottingham, a 12 Mℓ reservoir in Bruntville and interconnecting pipework. This would feed potable water to the neighbouring towns of Nottingham Road, Mooi River and Bruntville. In July 2016, Basil Read was awarded the contract to build the water treatment plant for Umgeni Water, who appointed their own Capital Projects Team to oversee its design and construction.

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