Aluminium Chlorhydrate (ACH) Based Cationic Flocculants

The WPCP FLOCC range of Aluminium Chlorhydrate (ACH) based flocculants is produced at our facility in Hammarsdale. Running our own production facility allow us to locally manufacture a complete range of flocculants under strict quality control.
ACH is used as a primary flocculant and as an ingredient in flocculant blends, and is used in potable water and waste water treatment. ACH (low Iron grade) is also used in the paper industry and the pharmaceutical industry (for anti-perspirant manufacture).

Flocculants manufactured by WPCP have been used successfully for the removal of suspended solids and colour from raw river and dam water. They may also be effectively applied in waste water treatment such as sludge dewatering.

Features and Benefits

  • User friendly liquids
  • Reduces or eliminates consumption of alkali acids
  • Effective over a wide range of turbidities
  • Eliminates the need for alum or ferric based coagulants
  • All products are locally manufactured and backed by a full free consulting service countrywide
  • Typical Properties Of The WPCP FLOCC Product Range

    Product 130 3500 177 300 350 380
    Appearance yellow clear blue liquid clear orange liquid clear blue liquid clear blue liquid clear blue liquid
    Viscosity 5-10 50-100 200-400 50-75 100-150 100-150
    pH (as is) Ionic Charge @ 100mg/l in 4.4-4.6 +2 3.3-4.5 + 4.5 5-7 + 5.3 3.5-4.5 + 5.0-5.5 3.5-4.5 + 5.0-6.0 3.5-4.5 + 5.0-5.5
    micro Amps            
    S.G. 1.19 1.08-1.12 1.12-1.16 1.31-1.35 1.15-1.18 1.24-1.26
    Total Solids 5% 45 25-30 48-50 50 44 47
    *Potable Approvals mg/l **250 **133 **29 **100 **66 **130

    * South Africa Department of National Health and Population Development approvals.
    ** Under review


  • WPCP representatives will guide you regarding dosing, dosing equipment and the use of your streaming current ion analyser.
  • Dosage rates and method will depend on individual applications.
  • Products should generally be dosed in concentrated form using dilution water for transport to the injection point.
  • Thorough flocculant preconditioning / mixing is essential for optimum results.

    Handling and Safety

  • Mild irritant. Avoid skin and eye contact.
  • Treat eye or skin contact with copious quantities of water.
  • Refer to separate detailed MSDS.


  • 30kg or 240kg returnable plastic drums.
  • 1 ton returnable mini bulk containers.
  • 5 - 28 ton bulk deliveries.