Water stewardship can halt security decline

What water stewardship can do for Corporates
March 18, 2021

C.M.E.N – Water stewardship can halt security decline

Wading through the waters. Water risks such as declining water quality, flooding, drought, water scarcity and water stress are all contributing to a decline in local water security.

With water security declining in South Africa, consulting engineers and scientists SRK Consulting principal consultant Fiona Sutton believes that securing commitment from companies regarding the value of water stewardship is the first step towards water security.

“Adhering to water stewardship can be done by implementing changes, such as applying on-site water-saving practices or better effluent treatment within a company’s production site and facility.”

SRK works with clients to raise awareness of the importance of water to inform their clients’ infrastructure and operations planning by identifying risks and opportunities.

Sutton adds that SRK’s technical expertise ranges from water quality and vulnerability assessments to river basin (or water catchment area) projects and pollution control. SRK promotes and supports the implementation of water stewardship in the policies and practices of clients.

This requires a detailed understanding of the source of the clients’ water, its quality and ecology, where and how it is being used on site, the impacts of that water use, the responsibilities for the water being used, water rights and how best to achieve water security, she explains.

SRK also helps clients to incorporate water stewardship into their supply chain, where they can make practical contributions to sustainability.

Sutton argues that incorporating water stewardship into a company’s supply chain is valuable “from a business point of view”, as consumers are attracted to companies that demonstrate a commitment to a more sustainable and water-secure future.

“Trust has become the ultimate currency in business today, with millennial consumers in particular driving the perception that business goals should include the improvement of society. ‘Profit with purpose’ is set to be a new social norm, and water stewardship is fundamental to this understanding – especially in water scarce countries like South Africa.”

Sutton explains that clients will initially focus their water stewardship efforts on their facilities, as this is where they have the most control to effect practical changes.

Understanding the water catchment area – as this is where water that supplies the local water system is sourced and where waste water is discharged – is vital in applying effective water stewardship principles.

“By taking the context of the catchment into account, water stewardship can be applied to any size business in any location, irrespective of its water source,” she adds.


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