George Municipality – Outeniqua WWTW Upgrade

Umgeni Water – Mpophomeni Waste Water Works Construction
December 13, 2019
City Of Cape Town – 5ML/D Package Potable Water Treatment Works
March 16, 2020

George Municipality – Upgrading of the Outeniqua Waste Water Treatment Works – Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation Works

WPCP has been awarded a new contract by the George Municipality.
Contract Value: R117,201,296.96

Contract includes:

  • Civil Works (Minor)
  • Mechanical Works
    – Screening and Dismantling Screen Press
    – Grit Clasifier
    – BNR Anaerobic Zone Mixers
    – Anoxic Zone Brider Mixers
    – Aeration Blowers and Diffusers
    – Settling Tanks Half Brider Suction Lift Rotating Bridges
  • Electrical Works and Electronic Works
  • Odour Control
  • Ultra Filtration Works